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Bath and Shower Transfer Bench

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE sliding transfer bench FOR POST-OP HIP/KNEE REPLACEMENT patients. Specifically designed by a world-class team of OTs, PTs and Safe Patient Handling experts to ensure safe and comfortable post-op bathing. Effortless sliding and pivoting for safe, easy transfers in and out of the tub/shower without compromising the surgical repair.
  • PADDED SEAT, BACK AND ARMRESTS. No more cold, slippery, hard plastic parts like old-style bath chairs; the HIP SOLUTION CHAIR provides warm to the touch, comfortable, slip resistant padding on all main components. The medical-grade, closed-cell molded polyurethane padding will not absorb any water and is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • SWIVEL-SEAT SPACE SAVING DESIGN. Not only is the swivel seat safer, easier to use and more comfortable than a standard fixed seat, this design means that the chair protrudes into the room much less than a traditional transfer bench. More convenient for the user, and more convenient for others that don’t require use of the chair since the free space in the bathroom is much greater.
  • PIVOTING, WIDTH-ADJUSTABLE ARM RESTS. The padded arm rests can be raised and lowered and locked into place. The rigid armrests act as a leverage point to assist moving onto and off of the chair using a patients arm strength rather straining the surgical repair.
  • HI CONTRAST COLOR FOR SAFETY. The special HI-VIEW BLUE color makes the key parts of the chair much easier to see by vision impaired and/or dementia afflicted users. Rather than blending in with the background like old-style white benches, the blue contrast significantly reduces slips, trips and falls- the leading cause of injury death in people over 65.

Swiveling and Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench and Shower Chair

  • SAFETY FIRST: No need to fear slipping and falling! Strong heavy-duty frame, textured seat to prevent slipping, patented locks at each end, anti-slip rubber tips, and safety belt make this a safe and reliable tub bench bath chair.
  • EASE & COMFORT: Seat swivels 360°, locks every 90° for additional cleaning. Slide smoothly in and out of the tub/shower with ease. No more scooting! Reduce the risk of skin tears and infections! Fewer aches and pains for caregivers. Reclaim independence with this easy-to-use bath bench and sliding shower chair.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Modern look. 20+ years of research & development invested in our line of innovative, multi-functioning bath products. Convenient tool-less assembly. Height adjustable to fit YOUR needs. Longer lengths and custom options available at our Amazon Storefront.
  • Assemble to face either right or left. Base Length: 39.5″-40.5″ (Reg). 400lbs capacity. Specs below. Longer Lengths Available: #77682 (Long) & #77692 (XLong). Optional Armrest: EagleHealth #75003
  • Caution: This Hygiene Product is NON-RETURNABLE once opened. Please measure your tub and bathroom carefully.

Transfer Board with 2 Handgrips

Wooden. Comes with or without the hand holes. Cheaper without. Unsure of weight capacity.

Easy Transfer Systems Beasy II, 27 1/2inch Transfer Board

  • Easy transfer system reduces the risk of lower back injuries associated with lifting
  • Requires fewer caregivers for a transfer
  • Sliding disk greatly reduces friction associated with most slide transfers,
  • 400-lb. weight capacity

Beasy Board Transfer System – (40inch)

  • Transfer weight up to 400 lbs
  • recommended for vehicle transfers

Original Chi Swing Machine USJ- 201 Passive Aerobic Exerciser Swing Master

  • Strong 15-Watt Motor with a Standard AC 120V-60Hz power supply, remote, padded ankles, auto-timer.
  • A chi machine, aka a passive aerobic exerciser, makes energizing exercise accessible for everyone.
  • A Qi Machine can help increase circulation to the lower extremities for people who are sedentary.
  • Use for stress reduction, restful sleep, increased energy levels, and overall revitalization.

Sacroiliac Hip Belt for Women and Men

  • 👉 FITS HIP CIRCUMFERENCE SIZE 32 – 45 INCH 👈 Belt length – 44 INCH. Belt width – 4 INCH. Our non-restricting design fits both men and women.
  • ☑️ALLEVIATES JOINT PAIN AND REDUCES SI JOINT INFLAMMATION – Vriksasana SI joint belt helps stabilize the sacroiliac joint (or “SI joint”) that is hypermobile or inflamed, and reduces pelvic, lower back and/or leg pain (symptom of sciatica) caused by SI joint dysfunction. We strongly recommend that you wear the Vriksasana SI joint belt day and night for at least two weeks. Do not over tighten the belt.
  • ☑️DUAL ADJUSTMENT AND MAXIMUM COMFORT – Vriksasana SI joint belt is designed to be worn for long periods of time, which is the key to recovery and pain relief. The wraparound “dual belt” design provides controllable compression and the secondary straps allow you to customize the amount of additional compression needed over specific sore or inflamed areas. The breathable fabrics allow for air and moisture to pass through.
  • ☑️LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE – The perforated neoprene used in the inner belt is lightweight, breathable and pilling resistant. The ribbon fish fabric used in the secondary straps is breathable, elastic and pilling resistant.
  • ☑️STAYS IN PLACE: The double elastic fish ribbon bands and the unique curved shape make the belt stays in place all day and night. The anti-slip silicone strips on the inner belt prevent the belt from sliding up and down when you are seated. You can wear it while doing physical activities and exercise.