Strokes and any TBI can be very debilitating but don't give up...
Fight Back!

The brain is a very sophisticated, complex organ controlling all the functions of the body and when it is deprived of oxygen due to a Traumatic brain injury (TBI) like a stroke or other TBI, it can reek havoc with the body and cause significant functional disruptions. 

But, because it is sophisticated and complex the brain also has an amazing ability to repair itself. This remarkable process is called neuroplasticity that is the ability to rewire itself by finding new less used neurological pathways to take over old functions that have been lost.

While the journey on the way to regain functionality may be lonely at times since for the most part home-based exercise is usually an individual task, especially for those of you who are not close enough to a rehabilitation facility to take advantage of formal OT and PT.  However there is good news. There are many computer-based bio-feedback  games on the market with many more being developed every year. These games take the drudgery out of the rehabilitation journey!

Also, for those of you who don’t have access to a rehab facility there are many good books that describe very good functional exercises to practice to get back to normal. These can be purchased here, Exercise equipment is available, too if  exercises described require exercise aides.

 So the key to fighting back is highly repetitive, focused and consistent exercise. That is acquired from different sources depending on your situation. Formal OT, PT. Game based exercise, reading books to learn how to perform exercises that are  good to regain functionality.But remember all exercises and equipment must be cleared by your physician so that no harm is done to your body.

So, given all this information and your ability to perform the work required. You will get better! 

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